Culture Exchange

Normally with our standard tours, you will be led to cultural tourist sites, scenic spots, and the old town with a long history. However, to really see the lifestyle of young Vietnamese students, we invite you to participate in a “culture exchange tour” with young people and students.
You can explore Vietnamese students’ lifestyle through:

  • Going to their schools, universities to see the academic lives of students
  • Walking around the nearby streets 
  • Vietnamese student’s food tour – enjoy dishes that the students usually have
  • The student’s sharing about their normal lives 

Duration: 2-4 hours 

Free Walking Tour

Tour guides are mostly students, who have gone through a class of knowledge about cultural history

  • Shopping!
  • Save money (The guide will help you agree on the price to suit the seller)
  • Save time (Schedule is available for you, choose the desired destination)
  • Book this tour guide to guide you to French colonial architecture locations.
  • Flexible time

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