Old Quarter walking Tour

Tour walk the old town, Hanoi Old Quarter with 36 Pho Phuong Street, if you want to learn and explore ancient beauty. The old town features classic architecture, very suitable for guests who want to learn the old architecture with small houses with small pipes, tiled roofs like the old house 87 Ma May.

  -The ancient city also has old houses, temples and pagodas with typical architectural imprints – bearing the imprint of Buddhist architecture such as Bach Ma temple.

– Discover ca tru in Vietnam.

– Shopping at Dong Xuan market

– Enjoy egg coffee

** Flexible time

Free walking tour

  1. Sword Lake
  2. Old quarter introduction
  3. Ancient House, No.87 Ma May Str
  4. Egg Coffee – Giảng/Đinh Coffee
  5. Quan Đế Temple – No.28 Hang Buom Str
  6. Bạch Mã (White Horse) Temple – No.76 Hang Buom Str
  7. Đồng Xuân Market
  8. No.48 Hang Ngang Str (where Ho Chi Minh stayed and wrote Declaration of Indepenece)
  9. Ca Tru Singing (optional)
  10. Water Puppetry (optional)

Free walking tour

Tour guides are mostly students, who have gone through a class of knowledge about cultural history

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  • Save money (The guide will help you agree on the price to suit the seller)
  • Save time (Schedule is available for you, choose the desired destination)

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